What a piece of work! Wouldn't you agree?

HEALTH-eTrac Microsite

Video Production, Client-Side & Server-Side Develpment
XHTML/CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), Flash (AS3), PHP, HD Video
May 2009

I worked with the art director to concept and develop a microsite for Apex Benefits Group. The project is built around a composite of HD video, with an overall hand-drawn aesthetic for interactive elements.


The HEALTHe-Trac microsite is the focal point of a cross-media campaign involving email marketing, print ads, web-based ads, and a PR campaign. It is used as the main contact point and information resource about the product. In order to seemlessly integrate the video elements, the site was constructed in Flash. However, for the sake of user experience, the contact form is built in XHTML, and positioned above the Flash element. This end result is a more traditional form experience, with seamless integration with the main Flash content.

This is a screencast of the microsite in action.