Some of my work. Check it out.

HEALTH-eTrac Microsite

Video Production, Client-Side & Server-Side Develpment May 2009

I worked with the art director to concept and develop a microsite for Apex Benefits Group. The project is built around a composite of HD video, with an overall hand-drawn aesthetic for interactive elements.

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Concept, Development, Documentation Feb 2009 – May 2009

Waterwall is a project that explores technology's place in public spaces, particularly as a tool for fostering new kinds of interactions. It's an interactive art installation where the bodies motion and presence are the main input mechanism.

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Beltrame Leffler CMS

Graphic Production, Client-Side & Server-Side Development Sep 2008

I built a custom content management system for Beltrame Leffler Advertising. It's designed to be easy to use, and therefore intentionally lacks the complexity of other CMS solutions. It's built using a custom PHP framework, and makes heavy use of caching.

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Ping Platform

Interaction Design Aug 2008 – Feb 2009

The Ping Platform is, in short, a Physically INteractive Gaming platform. In abstract, it is an exploration of physical computing in the context of public spaces, specifically focused on fostering new kinds of interaction in public spaces through technology. In long, it is a physical art installation, a hardware and software platform, and a tool to explore human interaction in public spaces. Read our blog to find out more. This project is no longer active.

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The Parking Project

Interaction Design, Art Direction, Graphic Production Jan 2008 – May 2008

The Parking Project was an exploration of the interaction design process. It was an exploration of the place of new technologies in a parking system, particularly in user feedback and messaging. The project culminated in the production of a recommendations document, where findings were presented and designs analyzed.

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Art Direction, Graphic Production Dec 2007

Daybreak is a collaborative design experiment with Chris Basham as a submission to the CSS Zen Garden project. I designed the piece and produced graphics, while Chris coded the CSS.

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ShowChoir Star T-Shirt Selection

Client-Side and Server-Side Development Oct 2007 is an apparel website for Show Choir enthusiasts. I was tasked with creating a tool to allow users to dynamically configure a tshirt based on design, shirt type, color and size. The tool needed to show the final configured tshirt, in real time, from the nearly 1000 possible combinations.

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